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Makenna Glaser, Copy Editor

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As we are approaching the season of family togetherness, we are focusing more on our rich histories and family backgrounds at home and in school to celebrate how far we have come as people. We all have backgrounds, and this is the time to celebrate them. Some members of our spartan family have interesting backgrounds that might not be well known, such as Mr. Clones, Nick Opritza, Senora Shobel and Ms. DeSole.

Mr. Clones’s ancestors sailed from England, South of Hampton to be exact, on a sister ship to the Titanic. During the Great Depression, his family almost went back to England because of money problems, but in the end, decided to stay. Coincidentally, all of that side of his family has worked here.

Nick Opritza’s family originated in Norway and Romania. His European roots influence his family’s traditions and their philosophy that family is “the number one priority”. His favorite thing about America is the freedom of speech and expression.

Senora Shobel’s family on her mother’s side came from the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Her father’s family came from the British Isle. Because of her background, she tends to be stoic and have a high tolerance for hardship, stemming from her German family. She is also a great storyteller, a trait she inherited from her Irish father. She loves how America has a diverse range of cultures and languages. A family fun fact is that her great uncle John received a banana on the boat to America, but her great-grandmother, not knowing what it was, threw it overboard!

Ms. DeSole’s entire family is from Italy. Because of her origins, her relatives put  an emphasis on spending time together as a family. Gathering for meals and taking time are big deals in her culture. America, to her, is full of opportunities and possibilities.

Even though everyone has a different background and culture, we all come here together to learn and grow as members of our society.


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