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Sweater Weather Hits Ohio

Cameron stubbs, Sports Writer

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As the weather in northeast Ohio is getting colder our homes are heating up for what may be one of the coldest winters in the last 5 years.

Everyone loves the time of the year when the weather is cooling down and everyone is complaining about how long it took for their car to defrost every morning. Cold fronts are continually hitting the Midwest, causing a fast drop in temperature and causing parents to worry about their kids on one of the chilliest Halloweens in the last few years. The Farmer’s Almanac says this winter will be significantly colder than last year’s.

But for now, the weather has been unsteady as senior Avery Dunn says, “Ohio needs to make up its mind.” The temperature has gone from the upper 70’s to the lower 40’s in past weeks.

The highs of the day are now finally starting to drop down to the low 40s and will continue to drop with the holidays coming up.

Rain has taken over all of Northeast Ohio, as the sun has not shined in what now seems like a decade.  It is looking like this weather won’t change for the foreseeable future.

The snow is starting to creep up on us as Jess Briganti of WFMJ says “Snow is coming, whether you’re ready or not.”

The week of November 6 the forecast says that Friday will bring scattered snow in the area. This is a bit of a surprise when comparing to last year when it barely snowed at all.

This temperature drop happens every year and it is not stopping anytime soon, but with the way the future forecasts are looking, it is going to be a lot more cooler than just sweater weather.   


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Sweater Weather Hits Ohio