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Tyler Vallinger

Liliana D'Andrea, News Reporter

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1.What subject do you teach?

-Mr. Vallinger is the new Latin teacher.

2.How long have you been teaching?

-Mr. Vallinger has been teaching for three years but this is his first year at Boardman

3.Why did you choose this subject?

-Mr. Vallinger took Ancient Greek when he started college and Latin and Greek became his major. He always wanted to teach so this was the best way to combine the two.

4.What is your favorite thing about teaching?

-Mr. Vallinger says the interactions with the kids is his favorite part of the job. Everyday is different and kids have a lot to do with that.

5.Did you have a career prior to teaching?

-Mr. Vallinger was a professional student in grad school and worked small jobs in the summer.

6.Have you taught anywhere else other than Boardman?

-Mr. Vallinger spent the last two years teaching at Sandusky High School

7.Where did you go to college?

-Mr. Vallimger did his under grad at John Carroll University and his masters at Kent State University

8.Do you have any children?

-Mr. Vallinger doesn’t have any kids but he does own a Bernese Mountain puppy

9.What’s your favorite color?

-Mr. Vallinger’s favorite color is blue.

10.A fun fact about yourself!

-Mr. Vallinger has been vegetarian for a year

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