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Kaitlin Steeb

Liliana D'Andrea, News Reporter

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1.What subject do you teach?

-Ms. Steeb teaches Freshman English and Sophomore Read 180.

2.How long have you been teaching?

-Ms. Steeb has been teaching for three years.

3.Why did you choose this subject?

-Ms. Steeb chose English because it was her strongest subject in high school and she always enjoyed it the most.

4.What is your favorite thing about teaching?

-The students is Ms. Steebs favorite part about teaching.

5.Did you have a career prior to teaching?

-Ms. Steeb didn’t have a career prior to teaching but she did lifeguard through high school and college.

6.Have you taught anywhere else other than Boardman?

-Ms. Steeb has not taught anywhere else, Boardman was her first choice.

7.Where did you go to college?

-Ms. Steeb Kent to Kent State University.

8.Do you have any children?

-Ms. Steeb has no children.

9.What’s your favorite color?

– Pink is Ms. Steebs favorite color.

10.A fun fact about yourself!

-Ms. Steeb is helping coach the freshman volleyball team for the first time this year. So far they have a winning record.

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Kaitlin Steeb