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What Is Google Keep

Sydney Fike, Assistant Editor

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People all over the world are trying to find ways to stay organized in the midst of busy times. It can become extremely hard to stay organized when you have many tasks that need completed. Lucky for us, there is an app that has been developed to help you do just that.

Google Keep is an app that was developed in 2013 to help you stay structured and neat. It offers ways of organization including lists, reminders and texts to help keep your busy life organized. It even offers an option to color code your notes to keep you extra structured. The app is available to all Android and Apple products.

In May of 2013, Alan Henry of Lifehacker wrote, “Keep is incredibly close to being an ideal tool for me to collect and manage all of my personal and work-related notes. And, as evidenced by the fact that I continue to use it, its positives outweigh its negatives for me and makes it the best all-around option for my needs.”

If you are one of those people who are constantly forgetting everything on your daily agenda, then Google Keep is definitely an app that is surely recommended. Google Keep is absolutely an app to hold on to when all of your work catches up to you and makes sure to keep your busy life a little less hectic.

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Sydney Fike, Assistant Editor

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What Is Google Keep