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Big Brother to return this summer

Ashley Clark, Entertainment Coordina tor/Staff Writer

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The well-known TV show, Big Brother, returns on June 28 for its 19th season on CBS. Even though it’s the 19th season, viewers don’t need to have watched previous seasons, because it is a reality game show. Every season is separate and has different contestants. There are three episodes a week, on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, each serving a different purpose, such as Eviction, Head of Household and the Power of Veto.

The show starts off with 16 houseguests moving into the Big Brother house, for a chance to win half a million dollars. Once in the house, the guests have to compete to win powers such as head of household and the power of veto to ensure their safety from eviction. They also need to have good social games to make alliances so they don’t get nominated for eviction.

Each week, two houseguests are nominated and “put on the block” by the current head of household, but that could change after the power of veto competition, because whoever wins has the choice to keep nominations the same or take someone off. In that case, the head of household would have to pick a replacement nominee to put up for eviction.

This pattern happens weekly, and includes some twists and surprises throughout. Overall, I strongly consider watching!

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Big Brother to return this summer