Getting Wrecked

Maria Serra, Staff Reporter

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New York City is the land of intricate theaters, bustling skyscrapers and humans painted in gold pretending to be statues for money, but as of March 2017, it is also home to the one and only “Wrecking Club”.

This is not your average hip nighttime activity space, instead it is a place where one can release their aggression or just let out their inner party animal. For a mere forty dollars, one or two individuals may completely destroy everything in a room for twenty minutes. Objects include plates, cups, tables, dressers, and much more. Participants also have their choice of tool for said wrecking by way of bats or crowbars.

Creator of the “Wrecking Club” Tom Daly relates this service to a type of “therapy” and spends his days searching through the city streets to find old furniture necessary for his business. Daly makes sure to provide every “wrecker” in the “club” with a hard hat and eye protection.

This is a permanent New York City attraction and similar businesses are expected to pop up in and around the city soon. Make your next trip to the city a smash hit by checking into the “Wrecking Club”.