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2017 Cutest Couple Biographies

Jaden Karr, Copy Editor

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Here are the entries for the 2017 Cutest Couple Contest! Vote in the poll on the home page to pick the winner of Boardman’s 2017 Cutest Couple.

Allie Carnahan and Morgan Reagle, Seniors

Morgan Reagle, Allie Carnahan

Allie Carnahan and Morgan Reagle have been dating for one year and two months. When asked why they think they are BHS’s cutest couple, they responded “Does LeBron need reasons that he’s the best? No, he just is.”

Carnahan’s favorite thing about Reagle is that he always matches his shoes and his shirt. Reagle’s favorite thing about Carnahan is that she can eat a whole pizza herself.

Carnahan and Reagle’s ideal date would be eating pizza. The couple said they don’t have a favorite song, but the first song they sang together is Hotline Bling.

When asked if they had more to say about their relationship, the couple responded, “Go Gators, #ChompChomp, and the warriors blew a 3-1 lead.”

Madison Chizmar and Jennifer Lyons, Seniors

Madison Chizmar, Jennifer Lyons

Madison Chizmar and Jennifer Lyons have been together for 1 year and 3 months. They feel they are Boardman’s cutest couple for many reasons.

“We feel we are Boardman’s cutest couple because we don’t have couple drama or silly arguments. We never fight and talk all problems out. We balance each other out in all aspects, we are faithful to each other, and we are always so happy together,” the couple said.

Chizmar’s favorite thing about Lyons is her silly, explosive laugh. Lyons’ favorite thing about Chizmar is her silly personality. Their ideal date is going to an amusement park and riding everything. When they get tired, they people watch. The couple’s favorite song is Back in Black by ACDC.

The couple says that they have been through a lot and were able to overcome it all.

Mackenzie Kondas and Simon Pusateri, Seniors

Simon Pusateri, Mackenzie Kondas

Mackenzie Kondas and Simon Pusateri have been dating for one year. They both feel they are BHS’s cutest couple due to the low level of PDA they exhibit in the hallways of BHS.

Their favorite thing about each other is the fact that they make their lowercase “a’s” the same.

Kondas and Pusateri’s ideal date would be going out to Giant Eagle and getting olives to share. Their favorite song is Marche Slave by Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky.


Annabelle Adkins, Junior and Conner Gallagher, Senior

Annabelle Adkins, Conner Gallagher

Annabelle Adkins and Conner Gallagher have been dating for four months. They feel they are Boardman’s cutest couple because “our teachers and friends tell us that we’re ‘goals’, so we decided that we might as well enter.”

Adkins said her favorite thing about Gallagher is that she loves how calm he is.

“With my hectic personality, I need him to bring me back to reality,” Adkins said.

Gallagher said his favorite thing is how caring Adkins is.

“Personally, how much she cares for each and every person, even if it drives her a little crazy from time to time, is my favorite thing about her. She’s just the most genuine person I know,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher said that “his life is complete” with Annabelle.

“Annabelle was the missing puzzle piece that I needed in my life. Now that I have her, my life is complete,” Gallagher said.

Adkins and Gallagher’s ideal date would be a simple movie night with junk food and warm blankets. Their favorite song is 1,2,3,4 by the Plain White T’s.

Linh Huang, Senior and Reese Maslen, Junior

Linh Huang, Reese Maslen

Reese Maslen and Linh Huang have been dating for nine months.  They feel they are BHS’s cutest couple because they are compatible, work well together, and are “literally, the cutest couple”.

Maslen said his favorite thing about Huang is that she is kind.

“She’s very sweet and approachable and is always sincere and honest with me. She is someone that I can confide in and she appreciates me for who I am,” Maslen said.

Huang’s favorite thing about Maslen is how trustworthy he is.

“[Maslen] is someone I can trust with anything. I love that he has a lighthearted demeanor and that he can joke about everything. His outlook on life is to just do what you love and I admire that about him. He encourages me to be the best person I can be and to never settle for less than I deserve. He’s humble, kind-hearted, and has my best interest at heart,” Huang said.

Huang and Maslen’s ideal date would be watching movies and TV shows at home, because they enjoy each other’s presence. Huang and Maslen’s favorite song is the Law and Order: SVU theme song.

Ivan Bosnjak and Tessa Katcher, Sophomores

Ivan Bosnjak, Tessa Katcher

Ivan Bosnjak and Tessa Katcher have been dating for one year and one month. They feel that they are Boardman’s cutest couple because they always help each other and they love each other.

“We want each other to succeed in everything we do. We support each other through everything,” the couple said.

Bosnjak said his favorite thing about Katcher is her kindness.

“She is very kind and forgiving. She is very likeable everywhere she goes,” Bosnjak said.

Katcher’s favorite thing about Bosnjak is that he is a very good person and that he treats her well. She also likes that he is fun to be around.

Bosnjak and Katcher have said they have grown into best friends and that they have been through so much together. The couple’s ideal date is making dinner together, followed by watching a movie. Their favorite song is Careless Whisper by George Michael.


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