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Fuller House Review

Aadia Brinkley, Bugle Staff

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Fuller House is a spin-off of Full House set about 20 years in the future. Set in San Francisco, D.J. Tanner and her three children move into her parents home again after a recent tragedy struck the small family. Now back home, D.J. is given the opportunity to move back home permanently. With the help of a few friends, life seems to be pretty fun and easy. But is it?

Fuller House has a very interesting vibe to it. In my opinion, and from information gained from fellow classmates and teachers, you either like it or you don’t. In the show, the house has changed and a lot of the adults from Full House don’t really make many appearances. The whole show seems kind of shifted as well, as if someone completely brand new who had never seen the show before decided to write a new version of it. The show is worthy of the time spent to watch it. 

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Fuller House Review