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Holiday traditions continue in our community

Julia Bruno

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I set out on an adventure to find out what some of the teachers and students do around the holidays as traditions. Teachers and students grades 9-12 were randomly interviewed to learn about their holiday traditions.

Mr. Chad DeAngelo, who is a teacher for biology he says that him and his family go to his parent’s house every Christmas Eve to open gifts, and on Christmas day they go to his wife’s side of the family for a gift exchange.

He said “There’s about 100 people there on my wife’s side of the family.’’

Alexis Klinker, who is a sophomore, said that every Christmas she goes to her grandparent’s house. Kyle Kimerer, who is a sophomore, also said that he goes to his grandpa’s house on Christmas to eat a fish dinner.

Brendon Rutledge, who is a sophomore, says that every year he goes to his grandmother’s house a few days after Christmas with his family and sleeps over. They have another Christmas morning together.

Mrs. Jaclyn Gerberry, who is a teacher for physical science she goes to her grandmother’s on Christmas Eve for a huge fish dinner, and in the morning on Christmas day her and her husband open each other’s gifts that they got for each other.  Then when they are done opening each other’s gifts they go to her aunt’s for lunch.

Mia Bruno, who is a sophomore, goes to church with her entire family on Christmas Eve, and then after church she and her family all go back to her Grandma’s house for a huge Italian dinner. Afterwards she and her family all exchange the gifts they got each other for the gift exchange.

There is a wide variety of holidays in our community. All who celebrate do so in their own way that is meaningful to them.

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Boardman High School
Holiday traditions continue in our community